Hello. こんいちわ。Bonjour. 안녕하세요. Ciao. Hola. 你好. Bom dia. Здравствуйте. नमस्ते. Chào. مرحبا. Selamat‎. Goedendag. Yambo. Hallo. Γεια σου.

I’m Jenson and I live in beautiful Toyama, Japan but I am from the small, stunning Caribbean island nation of Trinidad and Tobago, a country most people in the world have never heard of.

When I was a little boy, I would play with my toys under my barely standing iron-wrought bed in my family’s then tiny two bedroom apartment and imagine myself trekking throughout the world on the most amazing adventures.

Twenty something years later, here I am, living my dream and I would like to share it with everyone. =)

The five storied pagoda at the Kofuku-ji ((興福寺) Temple Complex in beautiful Nara, Japan.

– Jenson

11 Responses to About

  1. Rishi says:

    Hey Jenson
    I stumbled on your blog – good to see another Trini Traveller 😀
    If you want to cross link blogs, let me know 🙂
    You can email me directly at the link or naparima@hotmail.com

  2. Cas says:

    Hi Rishi- my Trini boyfriend and I will be in Japan next month. Your site has been great helping us plan out our short trip there. Any recommendations on places, besides Kyoto, that are ‘must see’ destinations on a 10 day trip? Any recommendations on a good onsen to experience while there? Thanks!

    • Cas says:

      Sorry I meant Jenson!

      • Hello Cas,

        No worries about the little faux pas. =)

        When my best friend visited Japan two years ago she came for 10 days. We spent three days in Tokyo, inclusive of a day trip to Yokohama. Two days in Toyama because I lived there. Three days in Kyoto and two days in Osaka.

        In Tokyo, you must see Shibuya,which has the busiest intersection in the world. Harajuku, famous for its unique fashion. The best day is to go is on the weekend to fully explore its craziest. But be warned that there will be a lot of people. From there you can walk to Omotesando, a chic area near Harajuku. Go to Shinjuku (East Exit) and walk the streets at night. There are many izakayas and hip bars. Take a trip to Koenji, a Bohemian part of Tokyo. Ginza is one of my favourite places in Tokyo, especially on a Sunday. I love to go people watching. Go to Sensoji Temple but at night in Asakusa. And, then there is the Mori Art Museum which is a stunning example of modern architecture

        Take a day trip to Yokohama. Visit its Chinatown, which I reckon is the best in the world. Its museum is also lovely. Go shopping in the Minato area, and the little amusement park is quite lovely.

        Osaka is close to Kyoto. It’s hip,it’s cool, it’s bad-ass. Namba is famous in Osaka for it’s nightlife and its shopping alley. Also, I am not really a fan of aquariums but many of my friends love this. So if you love fish, it should be great. The food is delicious!

        If you have some time and would like to take a day trip, Nara, Japan’s ancient capital is beautiful. The deer park is lovely as are the temples. It’s near to both Osaka and Kyoto.

        And of course, there is Toyama, my sentimental favourite because I lived there. It is out of the way, but it represents small town Japan. It will be a bit pricey to get there depending on where you leave from. Toyama has some great onsens in Unazuki by the way.

        Hope this helps a bit. (n_n)/


  3. Tami says:

    Hi Jenson,

    I am also from Trinidad and I am thinking of applying to the Jet program this year. May I email you some questions?

    My email is tamij@hotmail.com


  4. Tami says:

    Thank you so much. Did you go to Japan through the Jet program?

  5. Alexxzandra says:

    You write beautifully and I feel as tho I can experience all you describe as if I’m there with you. I’m also a trini with a srs case of wanderlust so I hope that we can meet someday and share our adventures once I begin travelling. Until then, I’ll be living vicariously thru ur posts ^///^

  6. JapanEnthusiast says:

    Hey Jensen, to begin with, I’m simply in love with your blog! It’s so descriptive, and it really immerses me into your experiences abroad. Enjoying every post, keep it up ^.^ ! I’m interested in joining the JET Program, but I’m trying my best to gather bits of information from a whole bunch of sources, because I don’t have the slightest clue with how some of it works. I’d be really interested in having a conversation with you, this is my email- japanenthusiast12@gmail.com.
    Thank you so so much for just reading this.

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