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Rediscover Japan: Kyoto…a love story.

I wrote Kyoto…a love story on November 12th, 2008, a few months after I arrived in Japan. It personifies the Japan the world once knew (not the heartbreaking images of a broken country), the Japan I love and, the Japan … Continue reading

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Falling Apart

As I walked to work this morning, the sky was painted a perfect blue. The snow capped Tateyama mountains stood proud, sparkling in the background oblivious to everything else. “Deceiving,” I thought. I continued to walk, struggling against myself to … Continue reading

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Grey Skies

They say dark skies are omens of dark things to come. In predominantly¬†patriarchal¬†Japan, my former kouchou-sensei (principal) was a woman. My current kouchou-sensei is also a woman.¬†I never quite understood its magnitude. “Big deal,” I nonchalantly thought. Perhaps it was … Continue reading

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What lies beneath? (Discover Huangshan)

Have you stared so deeply into someone eyes simply wondering what they were thinking? You are transfixed by those haunting eyes; you must know the story that lies behind them. I remember when I was a child, I was mesmerized … Continue reading

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