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Happy Mother’s Day (from around the world)!

A Saturday night potluck dinner among friends morphed in a celebration of our mothers. Irrespective of what language we may speak, or where we may come from, one thing is absolute- in a world filled with borders, our love for … Continue reading

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Under the Cherry Blossom Trees

Nothing beats the pink perfection of a Japanese spring.  Blue skies rain pink petals that gently float to the fragile floor. Happiness consumes you, romance perfumes the sweet air, echoes of laughter quietly hum along. Under the cherry blossom trees, … Continue reading

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Life Lessons Learned: Cambodia

The Kingdom of Cambodia is one of those rare places that makes an eternal imprint in your heart. Like many travellers before me and the many who will come after, I fell in love with this remarkable South East Asian country. … Continue reading

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Introducing Tonami

The Lonely Planet is considered to be the bible among many travellers. Its recommendations are gospel and its advice are unquestionable testaments.  However, even the most celebrated books can have their flaws. Upon receiving The Lonely Planet Japan from my friend … Continue reading

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Falling Apart

As I walked to work this morning, the sky was painted a perfect blue. The snow capped Tateyama mountains stood proud, sparkling in the background oblivious to everything else. “Deceiving,” I thought. I continued to walk, struggling against myself to … Continue reading

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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words. Or, is it?

I’m sure almost everyone has heard the infamous expression “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Well I am going to test this theory by trying my absolute best to post a picture of somewhere I have travelled and give … Continue reading

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