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A Hopeful Valentine

Love is patient, love is kind Although I am alone, I won’t be defined For residing deep down inside of me Is endless space For someone to someday truly love me. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. (n_n) – Jenson   Advertisements

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Leaving on a JET plane (JET飛行機で旅立つ)

There are many appropriate ironies in me listening to John Denver’s “Leaving on a Jet Plane“. In less than six short months I will reluctantly be saying a sad farewell to Toyama, my home for more than four years. On … Continue reading

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Four Years Later

My first night in Japan, I stepped out of the grandiose Keio Plaza, walked the streets of Shinjuku, devouring everything around me with child-like innocence. And then I saw it!…a devastatingly beautiful Japanese woman, with an unpretentious air of sophistication … Continue reading

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The Most Amazing Thing Ever

The best thing about children is their innate innocence. They see the world very differently. Everything is extraordinary adventure. Every experience is magical. Every day is an exciting journey. The world is pure because they are pure. A couple years … Continue reading

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Life Lessons Learned: Cambodia

The Kingdom of Cambodia is one of those rare places that makes an eternal imprint in your heart. Like many travellers before me and the many who will come after, I fell in love with this remarkable South East Asian country. … Continue reading

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The Next 30 Days

We all have things we dream of doing. Things we wish we can change about ourselves. Things that can make us happier, kinder people. Little things that make us laugh and not-so-little  things that can forever change the course of … Continue reading

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Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Each season it happens. A cold gust of wind sweeps over me, temporarily wiping away my happiness, leaving me standing, alone, shivering in the bitter cold. I stoically stand and let the heavy rains pour; letting it beat down on my seemingly … Continue reading

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