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Eternally (Cool) Japan

A stack of unopened textbooks sit besides me, willing me to open them. They go unnoticed as I play with the teabag dangling from my rapidly cooling cup of green tea mixed with Australian honey, and dash of freshly squeezed lemon at … Continue reading

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Leaving on a JET plane (JET飛行機で旅立つ)

There are many appropriate ironies in me listening to John Denver’s “Leaving on a Jet Plane“. In less than six short months I will reluctantly be saying a sad farewell to Toyama, my home for more than four years. On … Continue reading

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If The World Ended Tomorrow

Sitting in the crowded train all I could see was my tainted reflection. My fascination for the sky longed to see the night’s velvety black carpet slowly creep over the dark blue yonder to shower it with tiny twinkling  dots. … Continue reading

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The Most Amazing Thing Ever

The best thing about children is their innate innocence. They see the world very differently. Everything is extraordinary adventure. Every experience is magical. Every day is an exciting journey. The world is pure because they are pure. A couple years … Continue reading

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Great Expectations

Breathe, Jenson, breathe. I always thought at this age I’d be driving a black convertible Mercedes Benz, pulling into the spacious garage of my grand yet tastefully designed six bedroom house (one room for the maid), to greet my devastatingly … Continue reading

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