There are some dates that are never lost; they become part of your life’s internal analog- my mother’s birthday on January 16th (because she’s my mum, and I love her); my sister’s birthday on April 12th, 1990 (because she consistently reminds me); August 12th, 2007 when my granny unexpectedly passed away, and who I still miss every single day; February 11th, 2009– the first time I fell madly in love; and March 11th, 2011 when the earth shook.

It’s been four years since the tragedy, and I cannot help but remember¬†those who lost their lives in the devastating Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. May you sleep well, rest well and be eternally happy. May your families see your souls in the stars above, your smiles with the rising sun, and forever feel the warmth of your spirits with the gust of the gentlest of winds.

The beauty of rest is that when you close your eyes you dream, and when you dream- however long or short- you are at peace.

Rest in peace.

Tokyo 2013.

Tokyo 2013.


– Jenson

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