Hello, Sweet Sun

Good day

One day while walking under the beautiful sun, a young woman said, “Good day,” to a nice boy named, Jenson.

She walked and smiled, then waved a goodbye, and Jenson was left giving a sigh.

Jenson thought, “How beautiful is she- so full of glee. I would love  for her to marry me.”

Then the sky said good night, to the sun that had shone oh so bright. Then it welcomed the moon that made Jenson swoon.


Walking his way was the young woman, Tomo, he had met earlier that day. She walked and smiled, but this time saying a hi, asking Jenson to lead the way.

For many days and many nights, Jenson and Tomo walked hand-in-hand.

Then it happened, there wasn’t a sun. No light in the sky, only Jenson.

He looked to his left, and searched to his right; what he had feared most had really happened.

Tomo had gone far beyond the cruel sun, and Jenson was left, utterly heartbroken.

He wished her his love, cried her a tear for he knew that one day she would reappear.

Goodnight sweet sun, hello to the moon, I will love you-through and through.




– Jenson

Jenson recommends: Darkness will always come with fear, but remember, the sun always reappears.

Side note: While messaging a friend, I doodled the first picture on Viber, and this little love story was (re)born.

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