A Story of a bird named Bird

Once upon a time there was a little bird named Bird. A lonely bird was Bird. He would flutter here, then fly there and sometimes spread his wings all the way over there.

Bird was not a wood-pecking bird, but Bird loved his wood. Nothing was more comfortable than laying on his floating wood. For Bird believed that while standing on his favourite wood in the middle of a caiman filled pond, he would always have the best view of all his land thanks to his wood.

Every day and every night Bird would fly and cautiously glide himself on that lonely piece of wood. “Why ever would a bird named Bird be so fond of a floating piece of wood?” all the other birds would say

 Then one day it happened.

Bird flew onto his faithful wood and saw a boy. A tall boy. A strange boy. A boy edging himself on the banks of the caiman filled pond.

Bird whistled and whistled, hoping the boy would understand his bird-like cautionary whistle. But, Bird realised that the boy did not speak his whistle so he just looked and hoped that the boy would understand his little whistles.

Inch by inch, the boy continued to push himself to the edge of the caiman filled pound. Bird did not understand. “Why would he?” Bird thought as he stood on his wood. Then, Bird saw the boy stretch, risking himself to pick a flower.

“What a strange boy,” Bird pondered.

Then, Bird saw the strange boy slowly walking towards a pretty girl. The boy bent down and gave her the flower. The strange boy then embraced her as they sat next to each other as they looked at a bird named Bird standing on his wood thinking, “Why would a bird stand on a floating piece of wood in the middle of caiman filled pond.”

It then occurred to Bird; he and the strange boy were the same. It has always been a risk for a bird named Bird to stand on a piece of wood in a caiman filled pond. And, it was a risk for the strange boy to edge himself onto a pond filled with caimans to pick a single flower for a pretty girl.

Although Bird was not a wood-pecking bird, Bird pecked on the wood. Bird pecked and pecked on the wood hoping he would get a answer, and so he did.

Bird would always come to this floating piece of wood on the caiman filled pond because it has the best view of all his land. Bird was a lonely bird and secretly believed that this piece of wood would help him find another bird that would stand with him on this floating piece of wood.

As for the boy, Bird thought, he took his risk, secretly hoping for a kiss from the pretty little girl he would soon learn to love.


A bird named bird sitting on top of his favourite wood.

A bird named bird sitting on top of his favourite wood.

Jenson recommends: Take risk, especially those involving love. (n_n)

Side note: This story took about twenty minutes to write. It came to me last night as I was looking through pictures of my day trip on Sunday to Grand Couva, Trinidad with my friends. It’s a fictitious non-fiction. =)

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  1. That was terrific! I adored this story 🙂

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