Under the Cherry Blossom Trees

Nothing beats the pink perfection of a Japanese spring.  Blue skies rain pink petals that gently float to the fragile floor. Happiness consumes you, romance perfumes the sweet air, echoes of laughter quietly hum along.

Under the cherry blossom trees, hope resides, safety embraces and its devastating beauty sweeps over, blindly mesmerizing you.

Under the cherry blossom trees, smiles are warm hellos  and kisses are kind goodbyes.

Under the cherry blossom trees, I live in an innocent hope.

Yet in spite of its endless promises, under the cherry blossom trees lies a tragic love. A love affair that ends as quickly as it began leaving you morose and withdrawn. A selfish love that wrongfully deceives, fracturing an already broken heart.

As I stoically stand secretly begging it to last just a little longer, the cherry blossoms trees purposelessly ignore my whispering cries leaving me wilted.

When I thought I found you, you quietly disappeared. All under the cherry blossom trees.

Under the Cherry Blooms Trees. Toyama City, Toyama, Japan.

Jenson recommends: Remembering that cherry blossoms may only last two weeks but they always return.

– Jenson

Side note: In Japanese culture, the sakura (桜) or cherry blossom is a beloved symbol of hope.

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6 Responses to Under the Cherry Blossom Trees

  1. Beautiful quote with a beautiful photo.

  2. Saresque says:

    Jenson your writing is sooo beautiful! I feel like i can just melt into it. And such a clever little “twist”… I didn’t know that you were so talented but i am somehow not surprised! Looking forward to reading more!

  3. Aki says:

    They are most beautiful in that time here. Cherry blossom tree is like a symbol of encounters and separations. We feel sad, sometimes happy, having fears for new life as we grow up… Jenson, you are just like a Japanese!

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