The Wind

Imagine being free like the wind.  Unpredictable and alluring, sweeping your way through sandy, sun kissed beaches, craving your way along lonely deserts, gently dancing through flower covered fields, meandering along jagged cliffs.

Imagine the wind. Innocent and fragile yet strong, powerful and passionate. Each day is a new mystery, very different from the one before.

Imagine the enigma of the wind.

Last night I looked at House of Flying Daggers, one of my favourite films of all time and one of the most visually stunning movies I have ever seen.

This Chinese movie, directed by Yimou Zhang chronicles the story of a handsome boy named Jin, nicknamed Wind (played by Takeshi Kaneshiro) who unintentionally falls in love with Mei (played by Ziyi Zhang), an extraordinarily beautiful blind girl named after an ordinary flower.

Social anarchy is pervading through Imperial China during the Tang Dynasty, and one of the rebel groups, the House of Flying Daggers, which Mei belongs to is intent on fighting against the corrupted government, a solider of which Jin is part of.

What happens as the story unfolds is breathtaking. This movie is visual poetry. Each scene bursts with colour, blinding you with its masterful cinematography taking you from poppy carpeted open fields to dazzling choreographed battles in thick bamboo forests to an unforgettable climax in the  snow covered country side. The soundtrack sings to you casting a spell, luring you into the story of Jin (Wind) and Mei.

One of the opening scenes where blind Mei plays the Echo Game is truly mesmerizing. Her performance is swan-like, easy and effortless, captivating the entire court and the man before her. It is in this singular performance where I fell in love with this masterpiece of a film.

As “House of Flying Daggers” progresses from one gorgeous scene to another, and the more you become enthralled by the twists and shocking turns and the bewitching relationship between Jin and Mei, one thing becomes irrefutable, this is one of the most beautiful romantic movies ever made.

As the movie comes closer to its end, Jin tells Mei longingly, “Let’s go together and roam the world as free as the wind.”

She smiles and innocently replies, “We’ll wander around alone, come and go, without a trace like a playful wind.”

He then corrects her, “No, a carefree wind. Just you and I.”

And that’s how, I thought, love and life should be, free and unassuming as the wind.


House of Flying Daggers (source:

House of Flying Daggers (source:

Jenson recommends:  Be free like the unassuming wind and enjoy the magic of “House of Flying Daggers.”

– Jenson

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