Geek Chic

In my teenage years my Friday nights were somewhat of an embarrassing ritual. While some of my friends went to the mall or the bar, I stayed home and listened to Rick Dee’s and the Weekly Top 40. While some of my class mates went on dates, I chatted with my granny. While many went to the movies, I would religiously look forward to “Family Matters” anxiously awaiting to see what Steve Urkel, America’s most beloved nerd was up to.

Somehow, every Friday Steve and his thick brimmed glasses, outrageous plaid shirts and suspenders supporting pants would bring a warm smile to my then wrinkle free face.

After nine long years, this socially inept, fashionably flawed geek despite all odds and with a pure heart finally captured the heart of Laura Winslow, his first and only love.

Last weekend I went to the 21st Annual Toyama International Charity Show where I saw Dance Royale, “a musical comedy that follows the trials of high school student Rin and her teammates who belong to the school’s Pop Idol Team club.”

Unaware that this musical extravaganza was a tale of the underdog, I decided to pay homage to Steve Urkel, one of the greatest underdogs in television history, by putting the chic in geek.

As the show progressed, and sometimes getting lost in translation owing to my limited Japanese, one thing was irrefutable- through hard work, determination, cooperation, and unparalleled enthusiasm all geeks despite the litany of hurdles they may face eventually have their day. I know, I am one. =)

Jenson recommends: Embracing the inner geek that resides inside you and loving it unconditionally.

– Jenson

For more information: 

Toyama International Charity Show: Although the charity show is over, the charities still need everyone’s support. Have a look at the link and see how you can help.

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2 Responses to Geek Chic

  1. chante says:

    u go Jenson…embrace ur inner geek!

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